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Inside the Beltline

Inside The Beltline Area Guide for Wake County Residents

As its name might suggest, Inside the Beltline is the central part of the city, located within the Interstate 440 that runs around the city.

This section of Raleigh is beloved for its centralized location, strong local housing market and its great local schools.

When searching the Wake County real estate market for the right community for you, you should consider checking out Inside the Beltline.

Why Home Buyers Love ITB

There are several types of home styles to choose from throughout the downtown area and many iconic neighborhoods are located here.

For instance, North Hills as well as Five Points are located here – as are the Glenwood and Historic Oakwood communities.

These homes were expertly crafted at the time of construction and many of them have been renovated in recent years to make them even more appealing to the modern home buyer.

Why Adventurers Love ITB

This section of Raleigh always has something exciting going on!

For instance, you’re within walking distance to such fabulous museums as the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. There are also some outstanding public parks in the surrounding area, including Pullen Park.

Meanwhile, downtown Raleigh hosts some memorable community events each year, which are great to bring your entire family to.

Why Employees Love Inside the Beltline

This should be self-explanatory. After all, this section of the city is literally at the epicenter of Raleigh’s business district.

Thus, there are plenty of employment opportunities in technology, healthcare and education right here!

Considering Buying Property ITB in Raleigh?

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We’ll also share with you such useful resources as our buying guide as well as relocation package.

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